The Gardens

The Vegetable Garden

My vegetable garden space is roughly 21 feet by 36 feet and is located on the south side of my property. I have spent the last few years transitioning into a vertical garden with foundation and climber plants. This transition has defined much of how I grow my plants and which plants I choose to grow.


My structures range from various styles of trellises, clay pots for stacking, and wire fencing supports hung along the privacy fence.


I do not spray my garden with pesticides and try to keep it as organic as possible.

The Bee, Butterfly & Bird Garden

For years, I’ve had this idea of a flower and herb garden. This idea has slowly mutated into a Bee, Butterfly & Bird Garden.

After months of planning and designing, I started developing the garden in Spring of 2018 with the understanding that this garden would evolve over time.

The garden is a mix between a formal garden with straight lines and geometrical figures and a country garden with dense planting, nonsymmetrical plants, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants.

Plants currently include:

  • Chamomile
  • Wormwood
  • White Horehound
  • A Variety of Salvias
  • Garden Sage
  • A Variety of English Lavenders
  • Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, and moonshine
  • Echinacea purpurea, white, pink, and yellow varieties
  • Shasta Daisy
  • English Thyme