April Goals

Welcome to April! March was a busy month for me. Not only did the nursery get upgrades, but new plants have been sprouting almost daily, and new seeds have been requiring extra attention while they germinate. As for my March goals, I was able to complete almost everything on my list, including a few extras … Continue reading April Goals


Seed Categories: My Favorite Time of the Year

Over the last two days, I've received both my Baker Creek and Seed Saver Exchange catalogs. A pleasant reminder that garden planning is right around the corner. While others are dreaming of a "white christmas", I'm dreaming of freshly picked peas, ripened tomatoes, and dirt under my fingernails, completely ignoring those words I utter every … Continue reading Seed Categories: My Favorite Time of the Year

Planting Seeds: Spinach

Three days ago, we received about 4 inches of snow. Yesterday and today it hit the 70's. Oh, Michigan. How I love this state. The sunny skies got me out of the house and into the garden. I worked on my layout, made sure my structure designs will work, and my personal favorite, planted spinach.  I … Continue reading Planting Seeds: Spinach

Outside Prep

Looking  around this afternoon, you never would have guessed that just yesterday we received 4 inches of snow. Mother Nature's last (most likely) attempt at winter. We are officially in Spring. The cool temperatures reminded me that it's time to get moving on my outdoor planting. According to the Michigan State University Extension office, now … Continue reading Outside Prep

Weeds as Indicator Plants

Weed: A wild plant growing where it is not wanted in competition with cultivated plants. Battling weeds (or harvesting them from our gardens) is something we all go through as gardeners.  I remember last summer spending hours and hours weeding my garden just to get to do it all over again in a couple of … Continue reading Weeds as Indicator Plants

What’s New in the Nursery

It's a "refreshing" 29 degrees here. A reminder that while it is spring, winter is not quite done with us. With our last freeze still a ways off, I've been focusing my attention (and my imagination) on the nursery. My pepper plants that I planted right before the power went out, did end up emerging. … Continue reading What’s New in the Nursery

Planting Peppers

Yesterday marked the planting of my first veggies of the season; peppers. Three plants total, two Golden Treasures and one Jalapeno Traveler Strain. Peppers can be difficult to grow from seeds because they need very specific conditions. One key factor is warm soil, around 80F. To help with this, I placed a heating mat beneath … Continue reading Planting Peppers