Upgrades to the Nursery

March is coming to an end and with it, my nursery is beginning to fill with a variety of plants. My current set up works great for the plants but does make watering a bit difficult. Because water leaks from my containers to provide drainage for the seedlings, I have to carry each plant over … Continue reading Upgrades to the Nursery


I’m not going to do a garden next year.

"I'm not going to do a garden next year." That's what I keep telling my husband. Gardens are a lot of time and hard work. But when January rolls around, I know I'll start planning. I know I'll pull out my notes and garden layout from this year. I know I'll start looking at seeds … Continue reading I’m not going to do a garden next year.

What the heck is Edema?

In a disappointed state, I examined the tiny bumps on one of my banana pepper leaves. There were dozens of them. I tried to wipe them off but they wouldn't budge. At least I knew they weren't eggs from a little pest. I told myself that I would probably have to toss the plant. What … Continue reading What the heck is Edema?