Garden Inspiration: The Fence

I am on a search for inspiration. This year is going to be the year that I finally make time to start my second garden; my herb and flower garden. I have the area selected, have studied the sun and water cycles, and have tested the soil. Now it's time for the overwhelming part. Because … Continue reading Garden Inspiration: The Fence


Scenes from the Garden

Plants are growing. Flowers are blooming. Cool crop harvests are wrapping up.  It's a beautiful time for transition. I could spend hours photographing and observing these changes occur in my garden.  

For the Love of Bees!

My latest project revolves around those buzzing beauties; the bees.  The struggling population needs all the help it can get. Little did I know that some of the herbs I've been growing over the last few years are already a favorite of the bee. Plus the vegetable garden brought in quite the crowd last year. … Continue reading For the Love of Bees!

The Garden Grows

While it's still early in Michigan for starting vegetable plants, it is perfect timing for some of the slower growing herbs. Yesterday, to be exact, marked the first day of the 2016 growing season for me and I was all too happy to be "playing" in dirt. Currently I have eight plants/seeds under my nursery … Continue reading The Garden Grows