May Mayhem

Can you believe it's May already?! Where is the time going? I don't know about you but I've been extremely busy getting gardens prepped, plants watered, and planting whenever I can. April has been such a blur that I couldn't even remember the goals I set for myself. After a cup of tea and a … Continue reading May Mayhem


April Goals

Welcome to April! March was a busy month for me. Not only did the nursery get upgrades, but new plants have been sprouting almost daily, and new seeds have been requiring extra attention while they germinate. As for my March goals, I was able to complete almost everything on my list, including a few extras … Continue reading April Goals

It’s Growing Season!

Seeds are sprouting, the soil is being fed, and my kitchen is aglow with light. Yep. It's growing season. While it remains...refreshingly...cold outside, inside I have 73 quite happy seedlings growing in the warmth of my nursery. And more on the way.  This includes several tomato plants, who germinated faster than any tomato plant I … Continue reading It’s Growing Season!

The Gardens in March

As winter draws to a close, gardening has once again become the primary focus in my life. Yesterday's beautiful sunshine finally gave me some time to start assessing the gardens. The Vegetable Garden I started playing around with the new layout to the garden. Switching from a combination of columns and rows to rows only … Continue reading The Gardens in March

The Arrival of the Seeds

If the arrival of the catalogs was exciting, then you know the arrival of new seeds is a thrill. Images of tiny plants sprouting from the soil in the mini greenhouses fill my imagination. The joys of watching them grow, eventually moving into larger containers and under the larger grow lights. Scribbling notes on how … Continue reading The Arrival of the Seeds

Using Leftover Leaves

The Old Farmer's Almanac posted an article on Facebook today entitled "What To Do With Fall Leaves." I have a couple of huge oak trees, none of which I can fit my arms around. They drop plenty of leaves to keep me busy in the fall. This year, I'd like to put them to work in … Continue reading Using Leftover Leaves

Mini-Greenhouses that Convert

I get these ideas sometimes. They are great ideas. Practical ideas. However, they tend to make things a little more complicated. My garden's structural design originally was simple, natural structures. This would help keep cost down and would result in me spending more time in a forest, gathering supplies. Bonus. Although spending time in the forest … Continue reading Mini-Greenhouses that Convert