How to Design a Hummingbird Garden

Longfield Gardens posted a blog that I felt compelled to share. How to Design a Hummingbird Garden Right now my focus has been on creating gardens for bees and butterflies but I would love to put in some plants that also help the hummingbirds. Who doesn't love seeing these speedy little birds? I keep saying … Continue reading How to Design a Hummingbird Garden


May Mayhem

Can you believe it's May already?! Where is the time going? I don't know about you but I've been extremely busy getting gardens prepped, plants watered, and planting whenever I can. April has been such a blur that I couldn't even remember the goals I set for myself. After a cup of tea and a … Continue reading May Mayhem

Plants for the New Garden

Designing a new garden is A LOT of work. After long hours of staring at a blank canvas, marking up design possibilities, and researching flowers, everything is starting to come together. At least on paper. The Center/Focal Point I wanted to do something dramatic as my center/focal piece for this garden. What better way to … Continue reading Plants for the New Garden

The Gardens in March

As winter draws to a close, gardening has once again become the primary focus in my life. Yesterday's beautiful sunshine finally gave me some time to start assessing the gardens. The Vegetable Garden I started playing around with the new layout to the garden. Switching from a combination of columns and rows to rows only … Continue reading The Gardens in March

Nature’s Signs It’s Time to Plant

Planting schedules. How awful are they? Those little charts that give you an estimated time to plant things based on your zone. Sometimes they are not clear. Sometimes they go against each other.  Sometimes the seasons are different. It can be overwhelming and frustrating. A little while ago, I read a blog post: Daffodils? That means … Continue reading Nature’s Signs It’s Time to Plant

Spring has Sprung!

Welcome to Spring. This time of year reflects the ever changing Earth. Here in Michigan, we begin to see life sprout around us. Slowly still, but it is there nonetheless. And while we all know a spring snow storm could appear at any moment, we all feel a bit more happier. Today marks the return … Continue reading Spring has Sprung!

For the Love of Bees!

My latest project revolves around those buzzing beauties; the bees.  The struggling population needs all the help it can get. Little did I know that some of the herbs I've been growing over the last few years are already a favorite of the bee. Plus the vegetable garden brought in quite the crowd last year. … Continue reading For the Love of Bees!