May Mayhem

Can you believe it's May already?! Where is the time going? I don't know about you but I've been extremely busy getting gardens prepped, plants watered, and planting whenever I can. April has been such a blur that I couldn't even remember the goals I set for myself. After a cup of tea and a … Continue reading May Mayhem


Migraine World Summit Week

This is a bit off topic from my usual ramblings, but possibly one of the more important things I've decided to write about. I have chronic migraines. I have had them for the 18 years of my life and will have them for the remainder of my life. Since diagnosed, I have been educating myself … Continue reading Migraine World Summit Week

Plants for the New Garden

Designing a new garden is A LOT of work. After long hours of staring at a blank canvas, marking up design possibilities, and researching flowers, everything is starting to come together. At least on paper. The Center/Focal Point I wanted to do something dramatic as my center/focal piece for this garden. What better way to … Continue reading Plants for the New Garden

It’s Growing Season!

Seeds are sprouting, the soil is being fed, and my kitchen is aglow with light. Yep. It's growing season. While it remains...refreshingly...cold outside, inside I have 73 quite happy seedlings growing in the warmth of my nursery. And more on the way.  This includes several tomato plants, who germinated faster than any tomato plant I … Continue reading It’s Growing Season!

The Gardens in March

As winter draws to a close, gardening has once again become the primary focus in my life. Yesterday's beautiful sunshine finally gave me some time to start assessing the gardens. The Vegetable Garden I started playing around with the new layout to the garden. Switching from a combination of columns and rows to rows only … Continue reading The Gardens in March

March Goals: Seeds are Sproutin’

There are very few things more exciting than when the first seedling pops up from the soil. And even though there's a blanket of fresh snow, I know that soon my garden will be thriving once more. So what's in the nursery now? Chamomile, Valerian, White Horehound, and Yarrow. Some of my favorite herbs. The … Continue reading March Goals: Seeds are Sproutin’