Using Leftover Leaves

The Old Farmer's Almanac posted an article on Facebook today entitled "What To Do With Fall Leaves." I have a couple of huge oak trees, none of which I can fit my arms around. They drop plenty of leaves to keep me busy in the fall. This year, I'd like to put them to work in … Continue reading Using Leftover Leaves


King of the North Pepper

The King of the North pepper is the best tasting pepper in my garden, hands down. I'm not a fan of most peppers. I think they have an odd flavor. But these peppers I could munch on. The King of the North is a mild, sweet pepper with an absolutely delicious flavor. This pepper's fruits … Continue reading King of the North Pepper

Nature’s Signs It’s Time to Plant

Planting schedules. How awful are they? Those little charts that give you an estimated time to plant things based on your zone. Sometimes they are not clear. Sometimes they go against each other.  Sometimes the seasons are different. It can be overwhelming and frustrating. A little while ago, I read a blog post: Daffodils? That means … Continue reading Nature’s Signs It’s Time to Plant

How to Setup a Nursery: Seedling Style

Ah, the nursery. Getting the nursery around marks one of my favorite times of the year. Within a matter of weeks, my teeny tiny seeds will start sprouting and life will begin. All of the planning and organizing comes to this moment. So naturally, this being an epic time, I take a lot of care … Continue reading How to Setup a Nursery: Seedling Style

Which Wood is Good? The Skelton Structure

There are dozens of ways to create the structures for a vertical garden. If you do an internet search, you'll find hundreds of "creative ways" and "helpful design tips." But what most of these articles seem to leave out is the functionality and toxicity of the materials. For example, PVC materials are a great, cheap … Continue reading Which Wood is Good? The Skelton Structure

The Plants of 2017!

While finishing the layout for my garden, I ended up making a few changes to my plant list. Here's the final list. DeCicco Broccoli Groniner Brussels Sprouts Marketmore 76 Cucumber Amish Melon Sweet Granite Melon Butternut Squash Lemon Squash Black Beauty Zucchini Siberian Tomato German Pink Tomato Martino's Roma Tomato Riesentraube Tomato Golden Treasure Pepper … Continue reading The Plants of 2017!