The Arrival of the Seeds

If the arrival of the catalogs was exciting, then you know the arrival of new seeds is a thrill. Images of tiny plants sprouting from the soil in the mini greenhouses fill my imagination. The joys of watching them grow, eventually moving into larger containers and under the larger grow lights. Scribbling notes on how … Continue reading The Arrival of the Seeds


The Joy from Gardening

It always starts slow. First the herbs, then the peppers. But by the time the tomatoes have poked their little plant forms out of the soil and start reaching towards the light, the nursery has taken off and things start to get very busy around here. By the time those tomatoes are ready to move … Continue reading The Joy from Gardening

What’s New in the Nursery

It's a "refreshing" 29 degrees here. A reminder that while it is spring, winter is not quite done with us. With our last freeze still a ways off, I've been focusing my attention (and my imagination) on the nursery. My pepper plants that I planted right before the power went out, did end up emerging. … Continue reading What’s New in the Nursery

Ready, Set, Peppers!

It's happily that time of year where my peppers have been planted (indoors) and are hopefully germinating at this moment. I have found that peppers require a little bit more TLC than most of the other plants I've grown from seeds. It's sometimes touch and go for the first few weeks. But once they take off, … Continue reading Ready, Set, Peppers!

How to Setup a Nursery: Seedling Style

Ah, the nursery. Getting the nursery around marks one of my favorite times of the year. Within a matter of weeks, my teeny tiny seeds will start sprouting and life will begin. All of the planning and organizing comes to this moment. So naturally, this being an epic time, I take a lot of care … Continue reading How to Setup a Nursery: Seedling Style

Nursery Preparations: Containers

Here in Michigan, winter has reminded us that it is still in control. With snow-covered grounds, it feels like spring is forever away despite being just around the corner. Still, I have been eager to start preparing my nursery for the seedlings that will be arriving next month. I've been collecting odd items over the … Continue reading Nursery Preparations: Containers