Hello! My name is Amie Lucas. I am a Michigan photographer with a love for the outdoors and gardening.

Growing up, I remember spending the summers helping my dad work in our country garden. I helped with everything from planting seeds to harvesting. In late summer, I joined my mom in the kitchen to help with the strawberry jam and canning green beans. These memories planted a seed of their own within me.

When I moved into the city several years later, my husband and I decided that we wanted to grow a garden of our own. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the space that I had growing up but that didn’t stop me. I turned my attention towards vertical growing.

I have been growing plants this way for about five years now and every year, I set goals to try something new and to learn something new.

In 2017, we purchased our dream property in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are in the planning phase of building our home there and will be moving within the next few years. I am taking advantage of this time, to experiment with shorter growing season crops. I will be moving from a zone 5B to zone 5A or 4B.

This is my journey through learning, experimenting, and (hopefully) thriving to growing my garden.



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