Fall Crop Planting

Okay. Time for some honesty. When it comes to fall garden planting, I have no clue what I’m doing.

Every year I try to plan and every year my plans fall through. I end up annoyed, frustrated, or exhausted. Sometimes all three. I just can’t seem to get around my questions or get organized enough to make decisions.

So what’s the secret to fall crop planting?

I have no clue.

Bear with me as I start a new journey in something that probably shouldn’t be that difficult, but for some reason, I struggle.


I found a handy Fall Vegetable Crops for your Garden put together by the MSU Extension. They are my go-to any time I have questions or need some help with my plants.

Here’s what they’ve listed for good fall crops in Michigan.

  • Beets, 60 days to harvest
  • Broccoli, 60 days to harvest
  • Brussel sprouts, 100 days to harvest
  • Cabbage (head), 80 days to harvest (plant as transplants, not from seed)
  • Cabbage (chinese), 80 days to harvest
  • Carrots, 60 days to harvest
  • Cauliflower, 65 days to harvest
  • Collards, 100 days to harvest
  • Kale, 60 days to harvest
  • Kohlrabi, 60 days to harvest
  • Leaf lettuce, 50 days to harvest
  • Mustard greens, 60 days to harvest
  • Peas (sugar), 60 days to harvest
  • Radish, 30 days to harvest
  • Rutabaga, 80 days to harvest
  • Spinach, 60 days to harvest
  • Swiss charge, 60 days to harvest
  • Turnips, 60 days to harvest

That’s quite the list. Then, of course, there is the garlic.

MSU Extension recommends starting to plant the seeds by end of July or early August. It’s about that time. I need to get moving on it.

Question. For those of you who plant a fall garden, if you’re planting the same crops as you did the spring, do you do a crop rotation?

Here’s to new experiences.



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