New Tools of the Trade

Bulb Planter

What’s that saying? I missed you before I met you?

Hello, Bulb Planter. This month I discovered this fantastic new gardening tool. I’ve been using it to plant everything from Thyme to Peppers.

The bulb planter is a quick and easy way to plant and does not disturb the roots of nearby plants like a shovel could. With limited digging with a trowl required, it not only saves time but also your hands.

The downside is the hole is one size fits most. Some of my larger plants required a wide hole. An easy problem solved by using the hand trowel.

Yep. I missed you before I met you, Bulb Planter.


Check this out.

An old fashion, non-motorized lawn mower. I love this thing.

Because the new garden is a work in progress, it has grass pathways that require mowing. Its narrow shape makes it a bit difficult for a standard lawn mower to maneuver. This, however, is simple to use, small in size, and perfect for the job.

Plus there’s something invigorating about manually mowing over annoying weeds.


Speaking of annoying.

I’ve been involved in a never ending battle with a grapevine. Several times a year (almost every other week), I have to chop this thing back. I’ve been in need for some decent shears.

I bought Fiskar Shears and am super happy with them so far. I’ve been able to stay on top of the vine, keeping it out of the garden, and they’ve helped cut down some tree-shrub weeds that had established themselves where the new garden is going in.


What are some of your favorite garden tool solutions? How have they made your life easier in the garden?


6 thoughts on “New Tools of the Trade

    1. Lol! The never ending list of tools. The mower is fantastic. I thought it would be a bit annoying but it’s been incredibly helpful. Smaller than a regular lawn mower and easy to maneuver. I can’t remember where this one came from but it’s been sitting in the shed for awhile.

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