Using Leftover Leaves

The Old Farmer’s Almanac posted an article on Facebook today entitled “What To Do With Fall Leaves.” I have a couple of huge oak trees, none of which I can fit my arms around. They drop plenty of leaves to keep me busy in the fall. This year, I’d like to put them to work in my garden.


Here are some suggestions from the Old Farmer’s Almanac of how to put those leaves to work.

  1. Spread them as a protective mulch
  2. Use them as a weed barrier for spring plantings
  3. Make compost for soil amendment
  4. Make leaf mold
  5. Store root vegetables in a cool, humid spot between layers of crisp, freshly fallen leaves.
  6. Make a playground
  7. Preserve leaves by using “glycerinizing”

How do you recycle your leaves?


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