How the time Flies

Have I been busy or what.

At one point, in a two week period, I was home for 3 nights. The adventures never stop. Unfortunately, my garden has taken a bit of a hit. Weeds were starting to get a bit out of control and my plants are well over-do for a good feeding.


Today has been focused on making my garden happy. And in return, it made me happy. My Black Valentine beans have begun producing like crazy. My lemon squash plants are growing huge. My tomato plants are full of green tomatoes, just waiting to ripen. My corn and pole bean combo seems to be working excellent. The corn is almost as tall as me! Almost everything seems to be going well.


Almost. There is this massive, beautiful vine that grows along the fence between my garden and the neighbor’s house. It adds a bit of privacy to the backyard. It’s grown a bit too much and started strangling my eggplants! Not only that, but the vine and the eggplants appear to have developed powdery mildew. I’ve removed most of the vine and luckily caught it early enough that some baking soda and water should take care of it.


In addition to weeding, I also took the opportunity today to add more mulch to areas of the garden where the weeds seemed to be popping up. For the most part, the 4 inches of mulch I put down at the beginning of the growing season appear to be keeping weeds at bay in the walkways. Hopefully the additional mulch will keep it from growing elsewhere.


I have also taken this opportunity to start prepping for my autumn garden. I’m a little behind schedule (surprise, surprise) but by the end of the weekend, I should have my next round of seeds in.

When it cools a bit later tonight, I will water and feed my garden in hopes that they will continue to grow and boost in production.

Overall, the garden is growing well.


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