Home Sweet Home

For years, my husband I have dreamt of owning a piece of land. Some place far away from any major city or a large population of people. Some place where we can spend hours hiking, exploring waterfalls, or just enjoying the view.  Some place we can call home.

IMG_0251Five years ago we found that perfect little place. A secluded 80 acres far north in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.

This land.

IMG_0268I cannot even begin to find the proper words to describe it. It has everything I could have ever hoped for. A small spring creek running through it; old white pines who seem to go up forever; birch trees that glisten – and I mean glisten – when the sunlight hits them; vast diversity of wildlife; rolling terrain; rugged waterfalls nearby; and all included in an area with wild spirit. It was perfect.

IMG_0289We put everything we could aside to make the property ours. Hard work and patience pays off! In January of this year, we were finally able to purchase our acreage. Since then, we have been eagerly waiting to get up there and spend some time getting to know the land more intimately.

IMG_0209We were finally able to do that this past weekend.

We hiked the perimeter, found a place to build the house, discovered stunning views we did not know where there before, and fell in love with our home all over again.

It is magical.

It is hard to believe that we found some place so beautiful and so untouched. We have named it Valhalla Springs and it is ours.


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