Mini-Greenhouses that Convert

I get these ideas sometimes. They are great ideas. Practical ideas. However, they tend to make things a little more complicated.

My garden’s structural design originally was simple, natural structures. This would help keep cost down and would result in me spending more time in a forest, gathering supplies. Bonus.

Although spending time in the forest is always a priority for me,  gathering the supplies…not so much.

What I ended up doing instead was building PVC structures that are also capable of becoming mini-greenhouses for early season and late season plantings.

The overall structures are pretty simple.

My husband and I built the structures in 5 foot sections to create more flexibility and easier to move.  He also cut 8 2.5 foot tall “legs” that allow us to adjust the height from 2.5 to 5 feet.


The reason we did this was to allow for early and late season planting. With a single set of legs, we easily covered the structure with 3 mil plastic and created a mini-greenhouse. It is currently housing tomatoes, which are thriving outside even in the cold Michigan nights.


Add another set of legs and attach cattle fencing to turn the mini-greenhouse into a sturdy trestle for my vertical plants to grow up.


The mini-greenhouses are not perfect, but it is getting us through the early season. Next year I’m hoping to have an actual greenhouse to work in but for now I’m pretty proud of these little houses.


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