What the heck is Edema?

In a disappointed state, I examined the tiny bumps on one of my banana pepper leaves. There were dozens of them. I tried to wipe them off but they wouldn’t budge. At least I knew they weren’t eggs from a little pest. I told myself that I would probably have to toss the plant.

What was going on with my pepper plant?

I came across a pepper forum where someone was asking the exact same question. The answer surprised me: Edema. I had no idea that peppers could suffer from such a condition.

It occurs when the plant is taking in water faster than the plant can get rid of it. Essential, the plant is bloated. This an occur when a plant is being over-watered or improperly fertilized. Luckily, it’s treatable and survivable with minimal damage, if any, to the plant.

Happily, my pepper plant will live. I have reduced the amount of water that I am giving it by half  and letting it dry out longer.

I did notice some similar small bumps appearing on a couple other banana pepper plants but the rest of my peppers are fine. This observation has led me to think that banana peppers require less water than the two other species of peppers I am growing, something to remember for next year.


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