How About Those Goals?

I’m taking a moment to breathe.

We have all had those days or weeks even, where everything seems to be non-stop. Home from work, take care of the garden, do some light (and I mean very light reading), process some photographs, play with the pets, and go to bed (if I’m lucky) around 1 or 2 a.m.

The chaos is here and while it is a bit overwhelming at times, I have to say I love it. However, the business of the season tends to distract me from my goals and things get lost all too easy.


So I’m taking a moment to breathe. And reflect.

How about those goals?


When it comes to my garden, I feel like I am on track for where I want to go. I have seeds/plants in the ground, a nursery full of strong, healthy plants, mulch in the garden, and my structures are starting to go up. I even have a mini-greenhouse housing my tomatoes. A nice bonus this year.



I have seeds ready for my bee, butterfly, and bird garden and have marked the perimeter. Next up, fencing it off and pulling up the tuft.

The one goal that is getting left behind: Compositing pile.


By this point in time, my goal was to have a decent compost pile going in a three bin set up. My current situation? No outside compost pile or bins but I do have a “kitchen scrap” bin inside, so that is something.

How are your planting goals going for the year?




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