The Joy from Gardening

It always starts slow. First the herbs, then the peppers. But by the time the tomatoes have poked their little plant forms out of the soil and start reaching towards the light, the nursery has taken off and things start to get very busy around here.


By the time those tomatoes are ready to move into a bigger “residence”, it is time to start planting other seeds for my garden. And don’t forget those herbs and peppers still need a lot of TLC.

IMG_9140These moments are why I grow.

I’m spending more of my time with my plants and yes, while working full time, running a small business, and spending time with family, it can be a little taxing. But I cannot imagine not having those moments.


It does not hurt knowing that these little guys, so tiny now, will one day produce enough food to feed my family for a year. But the joy really comes from seeing what I can grow and improving my connection to nature.


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