What’s New in the Nursery

It’s a “refreshing” 29 degrees here. A reminder that while it is spring, winter is not quite done with us.

With our last freeze still a ways off, I’ve been focusing my attention (and my imagination) on the nursery. My pepper plants that I planted right before the power went out, did end up emerging. However, it took them much longer to sprout than it should have. Out of the 18 I planted, 17 germinated.

My current plant total in my nursery is 57 and more are on the way. Here’s what’s new.


DeCicco Broccoli

This is an Italian broccoli that was introduced to the U.S in 1890. They are compact plants and produce a 4″ central head. After the central head is cut, many side shoots will form. I grew this broccoli last year and it produced well into the summer.

Siberian Tomato

This is an organic, egg shaped tomato that grows 2 to 3 inches. They have a rich, strong flavor. It is a determinate tomato. They take 57 to 60 days from transplant to mature.

German Pink Tomato

One of my favorite tomatoes. The pink fruits grow 1 to 2 pounds and have few seeds and little cracking. It is a potato leaf plant and is a Bavarian heirloom from the Diane Ott Whealy’s family. They are delicious! Eighty-five days from transplant to mature.

Martino’s Roma Tomato

I have grow this variety of roma tomato a couple of years now and have been very pleased with it. The fruits grow 2 to 3 ounces. Also a determinate tomato, the fruit falls off the vine when fully ripened. They mature in 75 days from transplant.

Riesentraube Tomato

My favorite grape tomato. Not only does this plant have delicious fruit but it’s also high-yielding. Originally from Germany, the name translates to “giant bunches of grapes.”

Diamond Eggplant

This organic plant grows fruit up to 9 inches long and in clusters of 4 to 6. They have dark purple skin and pale green flesh. Excellent texture and great flavor, rarely bitter. They are also disease resistant and take 70 days to mature from transplant. This is my first year growing eggplant.


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