Spring has Sprung!

Welcome to Spring.

This time of year reflects the ever changing Earth. Here in Michigan, we begin to see life sprout around us. Slowly still, but it is there nonetheless. And while we all know a spring snow storm could appear at any moment, we all feel a bit more happier. Today marks the return of the light. We leave the dormant winter behind and move forward into the new season.


Aside from seed planting, today I make sure to reflect on the season that has passed. I reflect on the hardships and the challenges that I have overcome and celebrate the accomplishments that I have achieved. I remind myself of the balance that exists within myself and nature. Light and dark. Happy and sad. Without one, the other could not exist nor be appreciated. Balance is everything and while in the darkest moments I can easily forget this, it is important to remember that if I keep working towards my goals, success will eventually come. Maybe not in the form I expect it, but it will come.

I am certainly looking forward to the colorful scenes that will soon flourish.




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