What’s Germinating

It’s still too early for me to start many of my plants here in Michigan, but I was able to start my Flat of Italy and my herbs last week.

Flat of Italy

This is an intermediate onion (meaning they form bulbs and produce well in almost any zone) that is a brilliant “red” color. They are excellent for fresh eating or cooking and mature early.

This is my first year growing onions of any type.

White Horehound

An excellent herb for coughs, especially bronchitis and whooping cough. The plant grows around 18 inches tall and lasts all season long in most climate. The parts used are the leaves (dried) and the flowering tops. Harvest should be done while the herb is blossoming, between June and September. Dry in the shade at temperatures no greater than 95F.

Milk Thistle

A milk thistle seedling started peeking above the soil today

I love milk thistle for it’s positive effect on the liver. It’s a biennial plant and is great for any detox tonic. To collect, cut the mature seed heads and store in a warm place. After a few days, tap the heads and collect the seeds.


Not only does Yarrow have beautiful flowers, but it’s also great for colds, fevers and healing wounds. It’s a perennial so it’ll come back each year. To collect, the white part of the plant (flowers), should be gathered between June and September.


Another personal favorite of mine. I use Valerian for helping me sleep, especially when I have a migraine. It has little clusters of tiny pink flowers June through September. This is my first year growing my own Varlerian, but I often purchase the root and make a tea out of it.


Chamomile plants require light and heat to properly germinate. It took two days for these to start sprouting after planting

Chamomile can be used for so many variety of things and I always run out of it before the next season. I collect and dry the flowers, and use them in teas to help with sleep, relaxation when stressed, agitated stomach, and to help with minor wounds. It’s a very easy plant to grow and very pretty.


2 thoughts on “What’s Germinating

    1. Have you grown Flat of Italy before? How is the germination rate? I’ve never grown it before but am a little concerned that none of seedlings have shown up yet.

      What’s your favorite herb to grow?


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