What’s in a Name?

Every year I struggle with coming up with a good labeling system for my plants. I’ve tried everything from the fancy route to the creative. The fact is gardens are hard work. Why make more work for myself coming up with a creative and time consuming labeling system? Why not go simple and have more time to focus on my plants?

This year I think I finally have it; popsicle sticks (untreated, of course).


Not only are they cheap and easy to use but they also make great information trackers. For example, when I start the seed of a plant, I can write the date on the stick. Or when I put that plant outside or when it’s time to harvest. They make excellent record keepers and help me keep track of which plants are where.


They aren’t without flaws, however. The most obvious being they aren’t reusable. The good news is they’ll probably end up in the compost bin for next season.

The second issue being I don’t know how well they’ll stand up to weather. I suspect that might be a challenge I’ll have to deal with as the season wears on.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to see how this turns out.


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