Nursery Preparations: Containers

Here in Michigan, winter has reminded us that it is still in control. With snow-covered grounds, it feels like spring is forever away despite being just around the corner.

Still, I have been eager to start preparing my nursery for the seedlings that will be arriving next month.

I’ve been collecting odd items over the last month or so that would make suitable containers. So far, I’ve collected pop bottles, single serve cereal containers, and a variety of plastic cups.

To make sure no soil containments or diseases survived from last year’s plants, I thoroughly washed the containers with very hot water and soap. Twice.

After a similar process with the new containers, I drilled four holes into the bottoms with a medium sized drill bit for water drainage.


This system has worked fairly well for me in the past, although I did have to make some adjusts to the size hole on some of my older containers. The water wasn’t able to drain as well as I liked.

Last year’s plants

2 thoughts on “Nursery Preparations: Containers

  1. I’ve been washing out yogurt containers to start seeds in (very!) soon. ^_^ Even though it is quite warm here in GA, we still have frosty mornings so everything has to be done indoors for now. P.S. I’m from MI! I remember the winters well! Warm ((hugs)) up to you!


    1. Hi Valarie,

      Do the yogurt containers work well for tomato and pepper plants? I’ve wanted to use them but wasn’t sure if they’d hold the larger plants.

      Thanks! It’s a beautiful 55F day up here. We haven’t had a very cold or snowy winter. 😦 The plus side is I can start seeds sooner than expected.


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