When I first started my own garden, I didn’t put much consideration into the planting schedule. I figured the last weekend in May was always the best time to plant all plants because the frost has passed.

Now that I am more experienced, I’ve come to realize how important the planting schedule is. Not only should I be taking into consideration the last frost date, but more importantly what the individual plants require. I look closely at the suggested date of planting for my region based on my zone, the days of maturity, and the germination dates.


Taking these values into consideration, I designed a schedule that has the start seed date for my inside plants, when those plants are safe to go outside, direct sow seeds, and approximate beginning of the harvest date.

Indoor Plants & Starting Dates

  • Pepper Seeds, March 13
  • Eggplant Seeds, April 9
  • Tomato Seeds, April 9
  • Watermelon Seeds, April 16
  • Squash Seeds, April 16
  • Melon Seeds, April 16
  • Broccoli Seeds, April 16
  • Cucumber Seeds, April 23
  • Brussels Sprouts, April 23

Direct Sow Dates

  • Spinach, May 7
  • Peas, first planting, May 7 (every two weeks)
  • Potatoes, May 7
  • Carrot, first planting, May 21 (every two weeks)
  • Lazy Bean, May 21
  • Other Beans, May 30
  • Radish, May 30

Moving Plants Outside Dates

  • Broccoli, May 14
  • Eggplants, May 21
  • Watermelon, May 21
  • Squash, May 21
  • Cucumber, May 21
  • Brussels Sprouts, May 21
  • Peppers, May 30
  • Tomato, May 30

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