Laying It All Out

As always, I’ve made some alterations to the upcoming garden. I’ve added some new plants from my original list based on ideas from the reading on vertical gardens I’ve been doing. I’ll post an updated list soon.

For now, here’s my garden layout. Each square is 12 inches and some of the squares will contain multiple plants.

I will have four arbor/tunnel-like structures supporting my climbing plants with foundation plants placed around them. In addition, I will have my potatoes in both towering pots and as foundation plants, strawberries, broccoli and brussel sprouts in tower pots and an A-frame structure for my peas.

The only thing missing from this layout is the garlic. I left garlic off, even though it is on my plant list for 2017, because it will be planted in the fall. I’m not entirely sure where or what I’m going to do with it yet.

I still have lots left to do.

  • Pick materials for structures
  • Figure out which plants will be in my nursery
  • Improve my design for the nursery
  • Design a schedule for germination/planting/harvesting
  • Design a compost bin



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