2017 Planning Phase Already?

With the end of the harvest season starting to approach, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on what worked and didn’t work this year and have started taking into considerations of things to do next year.

Once again I didn’t stick very well to my gardening schedule that I originally set up. Problems came up that prevented me from planting certain plants when I wanted to. Next year hopefully this won’t be the case. Sticking strictly to my schedule is so important because I’m trying to growing for three seasons and stagger grow.

The second issue with this year is my seeds. I have been properly storing my seeds from previous years. However, I didn’t take into full consideration that some seeds don’t store well. None of my Bloomdale Spinach matured from seed and because of it, I sadly missed out on fresh spinach. Next year I’ll be planting new seeds and more of them.

No matter how many plants I think is enough, it’s not. For example, I planted a lot of beans this year. I didn’t take into consideration my love for beans and how I snack on them. I ended up not having enough for canning. Next year I’m planning on doubling my beans in hope I’ll have enough to can.

The very common mistake that I make every year is planting vegetables that we don’t eat. I couldn’t get my hands on marketmore cucumbers and instead planted a pickling cucumber. Unfortunately, I forgot I don’t like cucumber. For some reason, I love marketmores and only marketmores. The cucumbers were neglected and most of them went bad. Same with certain varieties of peppers.

More nutrients for those heavy feeders. Even with my decent soil, I still noticed that some of my plants started to show nutrient deficiencies. I feel like I dropped the ball on this one and should have started feeding them before noticing the deficiencies as it takes time for them to recover.

So what about next year?

Next year I have a pretty good idea of the layout and vegetables I want to grow.

I LOVED my vertical plants. The canteloupe, watermelon, buttersquash and cucumbers did great as vine plants. I’m not only going to grow them again next year with a better trellis system but would also like to include more of them. In addition, I’m planning on using potato boxes or towers for all of my potatoes. I’m curious to see if I can get more potatoes out of these plants plus I think it’ll be easier to harvest. Not that mind digging in dirt.

I’d like to bring strawberries back into the garden but only under specific conditions. I had the problem in the past with bugs eating my berries before I had a chance to pick them. To resolve this issue, I’m planning on growing them vertically as well. Getting those fruit off the ground is key.

The overall idea behind next year’s garden is more vertically growing plants. The more vertical growth I have, the more room for plants.



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