Why I Grow: Listeria Outbreak

I was looking through the news stories for the day (something that I try not to do as of late) and came across an article on the New York Times entitled “Huge Recall of Frozen Fruits and Vegetables After Listeria Outbreak.”

Brands from the processing plant CRF Frozen Foods is voluntarily recalling more than 350 frozen foods, including carrots, onions, peaches, and strawberries. The recall began in April but keeps expanding.

This got me thinking about why I grow my own food. Part of it is because when I was younger, that’s what we did .Every year, until the deer, woodchucks, and rabbits kept eating everything,  my dad and I would pick out plants and grow them in our garden. We planted everything from tomatoes to cucumbers to corn to watermelon to pumpkins. It was my favorite part of the year and a great learning experience for me.

The other part of it is food safety. With recalls such as this one occurring more frequently it seems like putting forth the extra work to grow my own veggies and fruits is even more worth it. Not only am I creating life but I’m growing something that is safe and healthy (no chemicals, non-gmo seeds, etc) to put into my body.

Granted there are safety risks even for gardeners and especially on how we store our gardens but at least this way if I get sick, it’s due to my own fault for not following steps and taking short cuts.

Why do you garden?


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