Planning: The Schedule

I’ve gone above and beyond my usual planning this year. I had to with planning an all season garden. Normally I pay attention to the frost date  and approximately how many weeks prior to the frost date I need to start my seeds.

This year, I’ve set up a calendar completely dedicated to my plants, including the date when I need to start the seeds, their germination period, when I need to start hardening them, when they go outside (if they are transplants), when they need to be harvest and of course, the last and first frost dates.

My goal with keeping track of all these dates is to hopefully learn the cycles of my plants better and that will allow me to make better decisions for the future as well as give me an idea when something might be wrong with my plant(s) before it’s too late.

I’m also hoping it help keep me organized with the several staggered plants I’m doing this year.  Here’s my basic schedule for seed starting.


  • March 16 – Golden Treasure Pepper
  • March 16 – Jalapeno Traveler Pepper
  • March 16 – Aurora Pepper
  • March 30 – Siberian Tomato
  • March 30 – Martino’s Roma Tomato


  • April 2 – DeCicco Broccoli Spring Crop


  • May 4 – Amish Snap Pea
  • May 4 – Cantaloupe
  • May 7 – Bloomdale Spinach Spring Crop
  • May 7 – Carrots
  • May 11 – Desiree Potatoes
  • May 21 –  Carrots
  • May 25 – Black Valentine Green Beas
  • May 25 – Calypso Bean
  • May 25 – Lazy Wife Bean
  • May 25 – Valencia Peanut
  • May 25 – Encore Raspberries


  • June 4  – Carrots
  • June 4 – Early Snowblla Cauliflower
  • June 18 – Carrots
  • June 25 – DeCicco Broccoli Fall Crop


  • July 9 – Carrots
  • July 23 – Carrots
  • July 30 – Bloomdale Spinach Fall Crop


  • August 5 – Carrots
  • August 20 – Carrots


  • Chesnok Red Garlic

These dates are, of course, determined by our last frost so they might change slightly but this is a general idea of when I’m planning on starting my seeds.


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