The Layout!

After days of researching and staring at garden plans, plants and last year’s growing notes, I’ve finally put together a layout for my 2016 garden that I think will work out much better. Some key points I considered when thinking about the layout are:

  • How do I utilize more of my space? Do I really need large aisles?
  •  Implement a better planting method for the strawberries
  • How can I utilize companion plants?
  • Keep in mind crop rotations. What will next year’s garden look like and will I have enough space to move things around?

Another thing I took into consideration, and possibly one of the most important things, was which plants do I want to plant and how many of them can I plant with the room I have? Here’s the final count.

  • DeCicco Broccoli, 8 plants
  • Bloomdale Spinach, 21 plants staggered
  • Cosmic Purple Carrots, 60 plants staggered
  • Danvers Carrots, 60 plants staggered
  • Desiree Potatoes, 5 plants
  • Early Snowball Cauliflower, 3 plants
  • Golden Treasure Pepper, 1 plant
  • Jalapeno Traveler Strain, 1 plant
  • Aurora Pepper, 1 plant
  • Siberian Tomato, 2 plants
  • Martino’s Roma Tomato, 2 plants
  • Marketmore Cucumbers, 6 plants
  • Black Valentine Green Beans, 4 plants
  • Calypso Bean, 2 plants
  • Lazy Wife Bean, 2 plants
  • Oregon Sugar Peas, 24 plants staggered
  • Chesnok Red Garlic, 10 plants
  • Cantaloupe, 1 plant
  • Lavender, 2 plants (I already have one)
  • Chamomile, 2 plants
  • White Sage, 2 plants
  • Rosemary, 3 plants
  • Dill, 2 plants
  • Raspberries (not sure which variety yet), 2 plants
  • Valencia Peanut, 7 plants
  • Peppermint, 2 plants (I already have one)

And here’s the layout that I put together, using the Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner


I’m pretty proud with how everything came together on “paper” and am looking forward to the next steps. Off to do some research on compost and compost bins!



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